Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sweet Mother Handmade Arcade

Yeah, so I know that other crafter events have been going on for longer, but Pittsburgh needs to consider itsself lucky to have Handmade Arcade. This year there were still more vendors. I spoke to artists from all over the country and from Canada! AND, some of the people who have been to craft events everywhere were blown away by us and already said they would definately come back next year. Take that f*cking Sienna Miller. (Didn't see you at Handmade Arcade, loser).

So I really appreciated Heidi Kenney's table . Kenney makes cute inanimate objects out of what appears to be mostly felt, including little donuts with beaded sprinkles ('jimmies' for the Yinzers). The supercute donuts were displayed in a pastry case. Crafter power! Also in the upper ranks of awesomeness were Mike Budai's concert posters, Squidfire's screenprinted vegetable track jacket , and Jen Cooney's stuffed Yetty and other creatures.

Honestly, since I had a table I feel like a really missed out on seeing a lot of stuff that was there, so if you were a shopper or an artist there and want to share your thoughts and observations, by all means . . .


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