Saturday, October 07, 2006

I thought I should say this since I mentioned selling 2D art. I work full time in an art environment, and one common question that I get from non-artists there is, "Where can I go to get cheap art?" Needless to say, I cringe - especially when they add, "you know, like a starving artists' sale." My answer to them is not simple. I take the time to correct their question and tell them that no art is "cheap" for an artist to make. That means crafts, too. I explain that the market in Pittsburgh is not always what artists would like it to be, affordable art is easy to find, and all of that. But I've learned from these interactions that a common misperception about artist's markets is, "It's a flea market, so artist's are selling for less and are willing to haggle." A word to the wise (if you're a newbee, because I don't want to preach to the choir), don't undercut your prices! I had to share this story, because as a crafter, myself, I was surprised to learn that some people believe that crafter artists can afford to price cut. Like our sales environment makes that much of a difference . . . No artist can afford to price cut, just like no doctor, lawyer, or other working professional can.


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