Thursday, September 28, 2006

Open Call to Crafters!

Digging Pitt's holiday plans include a small works show to be installed in both the original space on Butler St. and Digging Too, located just around the corner. It'll be HUGE! Good news for you, crafters - the man behind the curtain insists that crafters are to be an important element in this show because last year for this show artist craft sales were awesome!

Here's the skinny:
All mediums are welcome. Work must be ready to display. As of now we are not limiting the number of crafts per person, however we are limiting size (no larger than 16" in any direction). Small items appropriate for gifts are preferred. We may refuse any items that do not fit the criteria or aesthetic of the show. A $5-$30 price range is recommended. Gallery commission rate is 30% of the selling price. Please be sure that accepted pieces are labeled with your name and price, and sufficiently protected from damage (boxed or packaged).

Sound good? Contact us and let us know you're interested! Drop off for this show is October 26th-November 3rd, so don't wait! There's even more info about this event on Digging Pitt's main Blog page. Check it out!


Blogger John Morris said...

I will be having a small work show open to all my flat file artist's at the same time. The max size of the work is 12" in any dimension. A little cheating may be allowed. This show is only open to artists already in my files/ inventory at the time of the show.

10:04 AM  

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